Healthy cooking starts with GreenPan

Starting in Belgium in 2007, GreenPan was the first to introduce healthy ceramic non-stick cookware into the market.

Thanks to the Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick, free of toxic chemicals, GreenPan could offer consumers a healthy alternative to traditional non-stick coatings for the first time in more than 50 years.

Today, GreenPan has become the global benchmark for healthy, safe and hardwearing cookware. As the inventors of the ceramic non-stick cookware category, clever design and excellent functionality go hand in hand with new innovations. We pride ourselves in making your life easier, healthier and happier with cookware that looks beautiful, performs brilliantly and makes cooking even more of a joy.

5 reasons to choose ceramic non-stick

  • 1. Made from natural materials Free of PFAS
  • 2. No toxic fumes Heat resistant up to high temperatures
  • 3. Conducts heat beautifully For quick and even heating
  • 4. Superior non-stick Excellent cooking with less oil or butter & easy cleaning
  • 5. Green by nature 60% less CO2 emitted during production
Chop & Grill

Chop & Grill by GreenPan

GreenPan has selected only the best materials and most attractive designs for our Chop & Grill collection.

With GreenPan's Chop & Grill collection, you have everything you need for preparing, seasoning and grilling meat, fish and fresh vegetables effortlessly. From super-handy knife sets to healthy ceramic non-stick pans and an extra-large pepper mill.

This way you and your guests can enjoy the tastiest grilled dishes in every season.